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According to popular intellection, most of us recognize that the fish can spawn only. However, there are also species can give birth, which guppies are an example.

With colorful, vivacious character and very easy to raise, guppies have become popular aquarium fish in the world top. For those who have been breeding guppies, he hardly anyone not experienced a previous experience interesting phenomenon "offspring" of this species.

Guppies are one of the few fish species spawning in the form of fetal oocytes born. After the eggs are fertilized inside the mother's body still lies in individual tubes. Instead of taking nutrients from the mother as born in the form of pregnant animals, in guppies, embryos will develop by nature reserves in the egg yolk.

In terms of breeding aquarium, the guppy breeding place very easily. However, because fish usually born at night and early morning so not everyone is conditioned to witness the birth of guppies.

Here is the picture of the phenomenon of "offspring" in guppies:

After 20 to 30 days pregnant, mother fish carries a "bump" can hold up to 50 fish and ready for delivery. To lay out a group or individual parent can take several hours. Most fish go head first.

But little attention was born with no tail as shown in Fig
About 5 mm long, from the womb, newborn guppies "free fall" down the street or leaves the tank.

After a few minutes, the fry start to become active and swim the first beat.

Instinct teaches us that the dog's tail grass leaf is safe hiding place, and also a source of food initially.

They also understand that a man swimming in the method disturbs the direction of the enemy.

Ironically, with the feeding habits, the first enemy of the fish fry's parents.

Fish newborn to focus on water heating under neon lights. Approximately 40 individuals were infants born in this litter. If alive, after more than a month fry will mature and ready to produce new generations of fish.


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