Saturday, June 15, 2013


A few months ago I made ​​the also "play" to create Betta. Since this unusual day, I have read and studied the rules and standards of judgment the International Betta Congress - IBC - and the National Meeting of Builders Bettas - ENABETTAS . Today, out of curiosity, I decided to design and make comparisons with the shapes and sizes of guppies ( Poecilia reticulata ) and Betta ( Betta splendens ) male long-finned and had a pleasant surprise.
The IBC is one of the largest and most respected organizations Betta. Many developers adopt it and raise their fish according to their "Standards" ("standards" if translated to our Portuguese). For Guppies, I can say the same of the International Fancy Guppy Association - IFGA , coincidentally or not, both founded in the U.S. in the 60s. 

Researching the rules of the organizations mentioned, came to the following measures:
Dorsal Fin: Betta: 0.75 ". Guppy: 0.32 ";
Anal Fin: Betta: 0.75 ". Guppy: this fin, together with the ventral fins are modified, becoming his reproductive organ (gonopodium);
Corps: Betta: 1.5 ". Guppy: 1.25 ";
Caudal Fin: Betta: 0.75 ". Guppy: 1.25 ".
Adding the length of the caudal fin to the body length of the Betta, resulting in a total of 2.25 "(5.72 cm). The sum of the length of the tail fin to the body length Guppy, resulting in a total of 2.5 ", but .25" at one end of the flow Guppy, lies virtually in the caudal peduncle. At the end of this calculation, the total length is also Guppy of 2.25 "(5.72 cm).
To the surprise of some readers and creators, the total length (tip of the mouth to the central ray of the caudal fin) is the same for the Betta and Guppy.
Some breeders Betta will contest this article, saying there are not so small Bettas and Guppies not so great, however, these are "standard". Fish larger than this standard are desired by the creators and tie-breaking in a trial if the sum of points of all other characteristics being equal. This comparison was performed only on the total length of the species mentioned - not considering issues relating to its masses and forces.

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